Feathered Star Quilt

I must say that I think that this quilt is one of the prettiest I’ve done.  My customer chose a scrappy 1930’s repro’ look in soft and medium pastels.  While not all of the fabrics are 1930 reprints they all blend together beautifully.  Here is a picture of the flimsy.

Feather Star Quilt

Feathered Star

I do not have the name of this particular quilt layout and if anyone does know please leave me a comment or note about it and I will give credit where credit is due.  Thanks to Karen S. for letting me know about the quilt and the link for you!

My customer left me with a photocopy of the magazine layout showing ‘some’ (some) of the quilting and asked that I do it as much like the picture as I could.

Feathered Star magazine image

Feathered Star

While some of it could be made out a great deal could not so the finished quilt is a mixture of the quilting that had been suggested and my own.

I first started out by taking the flimsy picture and a few more close-ups of the centre, stars, corners, borders and so on.  I printed them out in black and white and used them to draw my quilting ideas on. I use this method a great deal when I’m deciding on quilting designs.  I find that I can see immediately whether or not my ideas will work.  I chose Superior’s So Fine #403 Putty and it blended in perfectly with all the colours so I didn’t have to change out my thread at all.  To make the arch for the feathered triangles in the centre I used the oval template so they would be consistent throughout.  I also used the end of the oval to make the outer border design.

Some areas looked to have very basic teardrop feather shapes but I decided to do a more formal feather instead but still keep the simple look over all.

Feathered Star Medallion Quilt

Here are a few close-ups

Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star Centre

Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star 8pt star

Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star corner 1

Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star corner 2

Feathered Star Quilt

Feathered Star fan border

I could paint my spare bedroom again in a soft buttery yellow … I wonder if she’ll let me have this quilt!

5 thoughts on “Feathered Star Quilt

  1. Hi; I really like this particular quilt. First I like the muted colors making everything more harmonious. Most of all I love quilts with abstract patterns that nevertheless evoke a sense of nature.

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