Online quilt show!

I just came across this site for the first time, Amy’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival, and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my visits to all the quilter’s blogs and seeing all the quilts.  So much so that I’ve decided to enter one of my quilts!

I have posted about this quilt some time ago but it was such a fun learning experience for me I’m going to share it again 🙂  This quilt was made for an on-line ‘custom quilting class’ through Machine Quilters Resource and was the first time I really looked at a quilt and designed the quilting for it.  It was simple sail boat applique block with an alternating 4-patch that was quick and easy to put together.  Deciding on the quilting designs to be done took a little bit longer LOL.

Here’s a picture of the top once it was put together.  Using sailboats was fitting for me as I live on the west coast of BC, Canada and look out over the Pacific Ocean.  Our goal in class was to come up with some sort of quilting designs that suited the quilt.  I printed black and white pictures and did a lot of doodling and scribbling while finalizing the design.

Here’s the final sketch that I came up with.  Across the top are the mountains of the Vancouver Island Range that we see across the Straight of Georgia with the rays of the setting sun; the left border shows a piling with the ever present Sea Gull perched on top.  The right border shows the many trees we have in this temperate rain forest and the bottom border shows the ocean and rocky shore.  Whew – now all I had to do was quilt it!

And here she is … not that you can see much of the quilting in the picture.  That is another class I need to take – how to photograph quilts properly so the quilting shows but you haven’t ruined the colours.  I do have close-ups tho’ 😉

quilting in the mountain range


Last but not least – my label.  Everyone has asked us since we moved here two years ago when we were going to buy a boat.  We really have no interest in buying a boat so I decided to call this wall-hanging “Bailey’s Boatyard”.  The label is the sign that is stuck in the rocks on the lower right corner.


Thank you Amy hosting this fabulous Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  Now – back to the show LOL


26 thoughts on “Online quilt show!

  1. Lee says:

    what awonderful quilt. love the seagull on the piling! I love the colours of the quilt so subtle. Greetings from Calgary!

    • Thanks Angie. I’m finding that I thoroughly enjoy custom work – my creative side gets a chance to play! By the way – I think I like the Ballet Buddies the best LOL

    • Thanks Sandy. And you’re right – I mentioned Machine Quilters Resource but missed mentioning the instructor, Deb Levy. I know that I did when I first posted the quilt but I should have mentioned it again.

    • Thanks, Mary-Kay, it was a bit of work but a lot of fun too. I just peaked at your version of Dresden Plate and I love the colours – a very happy quilt!

    • Thanks marie. I like the colours you chose for your nephew’s quilt – I would have a hard time thinking outside the normal baby pastels or bright kids prints!

  2. Your quilt is terriffic. Even more, I love how you decided on the quilting. It is perfect for the quilt. Thanks for sharing the story of how you designed it.

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