Mystery Quilts and sometimes quilting problems, part 2

After all the angst I dealt myself over my mystery quilt  I received another one (same pattern) but in different colours!  I must say that it is a beautiful pattern when the right colours are chosen.  My client didn’t stop when the pattern did and instead added on a few extra borders and the result is amazing.

Mystery Quilt

Isn’t it lovely?  Of course – I still had set in my mind that quilting this top is difficult so I had to put my big quilter panties on and get creative.

My client wanted custom so I turned to the fabric for design ideas.  The outer border is a lovely paisley and I used that for inspiration.  She wanted to emphasize the chains of diamonds in the middle border as well as through-out the centre and the dark rust border was to be separate as well. It turned out I didn’t have near as many problems with this top as I did my own – goes to show how our personal feelings can get in the way of our quilting.

Paisley background fill

After stabilizing the top (outside edges and between the borders) I started working on the middle border with the diamond chain.  I played around with the paisley print and picked out a few of the obvious shapes and came up with an over-all design I could use not only as a background fill but one that I could scale up and use as an all-over E2E design in the outer borders too.  The client wanted the last 2 border to be treated as one so I had to come up with something and I figured that matching the two designs would be very interesting – if I could pull it off.  I did like the end result but I

Large paisley

have to admit it took a fair bit of stopping and starting!  Once I had the smaller scale down pat it took a bit to make the scale larger.  I did go back and fill in some of the larger areas that seemed to need a bit of quilting.

The border was another issue.  Feathers really wouldn’t work with this top.  I probably spent more time designing the border design than anything else.  I actually called my husband in for a second opinion and between the two of us we came up with a meandering viney type shaped thing that used one the of design shapes of the paisley.  Not sure what to call it but it worked LOL.

Corner motif

I started the design in the corners and worked them into the centre at the top and the sides with the tendrils twining together.  I had to chalk the entire thing as my brain would not keep straight what side of the tendril I was on!

Again I used a simple stipple background fill in some of the beige areas to let the diamond squares pop out.  I should mention here that I used Dream Puff batting and it works and quilts up great – no problems what-so-ever.

Centre quilting design

Continuous curves in some of the squares and a repeat of one of the paisley designs in the large block centre and the beige triangle on the outside finished of the quilting.  I have to say that I really liked the end results and really enjoyed quilting this top.

I think it is a good thing that this went so much better than my own – I learned to calm down and enjoy the quilting process instead of panicking about it. I had another mystery quilt (same pattern) dropped off for me to do as well!  Only this one is darn near a queen size!!


3 thoughts on “Mystery Quilts and sometimes quilting problems, part 2

  1. I’ve only just found you were here. Hello! Your quilting is stunning! Thanks for the information on how to make a template with freezer paper. I will definitely give that a try. Cheers, Ann 🙂

  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    You’re just getting better and better! Love what you’re doing in these latest projects.

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