Continuing the Round Robin

I showed my Round Robin back in January and decided it would be great to show the other eight tops that were involved in this project affectionately known as the 4Q White Coat Round Robin Invitational.  (Long story involved with the name and won’t go into it here 🙂 )

If you haven’t read my original post regarding this Round Robin with a twist here it is in a nutshell.  Years ago I came across a group of quilters that had done  rather fun and different Round Robin and posted the pictures on the web.  I was intrigued and talked my own quilting group (the 4Q’sx2+1 – another long story!) into trying it.  Of course – by the time we decided to organize it the website no longer had the information for it so we came up with our own list of instructions.  We took over a year to complete the project.  We wanted lots of time to do the blocks and seeing as there is 9 of us (4qx2+1) that add’s up to about a year and a half!

What is the ‘twist’ with this Round Robin?  Well – you don’t just add borders.  You have a set of instructions to follow some of which require some slicing, dicing and general creativity.  I’ll put a PDF of my original invitation to the group at the end of the post so for anyone out there that would like to try you’re welcome but don’t forget – I wanna see the pictures!

I am missing one of the 9 tops but here are the pictures that I have in random order 😉

Leslie M

Shawn B

Ute L

Linda S

Deb C

Deb L

Carrie M

Lyndy H

Here is the PDF of the original instructions that I gave out.  We were one instruction short to complete the Round Robin so we also added “Add piping” to the list.  So, if anyone wants the fun and the challenge I heartily recommend trying this.  Click on the link below for the PDF instructions.


Any questions just ask!


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