Ramblin’ Rose Meets Jamestown quilt

I fell in love with this quilt when my customer first brought it to me.  I had seen it on-line some time ago but this was the first time up-close and personal and I was going to be able to quilt it to boot!

I believe this layout for the sampler blocks and log cabin blocks are available as a kit from Marti Michell.

I wanted to emphasize the ‘furrows’ of the beige log cabin blocks with a complement in the burgundy log cabin areas.

Ramblin' Rose Meets Jamestown

Here I’ve just started loading the quilt and I’m basting around the outside and pining throughout the middle.

'Dusty Miller' feather

I didn’t want just the usual feather meander.  I had played with a type of border fill in an on-line custom quilting class I took and I came up with something I called a Dusty Miller feather.  My customer said it looks like Oak leaves and that’s OK too 🙂  The picture on the right shows the quilting pattern a bit.  Each burgundy log cabin had a stylized Dusty Miller motif.

I carried the same motif into the different blocks for continuity and used a variation of continuous curves in the squares and triangles in the blocks



The plaid border and the burgundy border were both stabilized by stitching in the ditch.  I wanted to do a piano key border and after coming to look at the partially done quilt my customer agreed that it would suit the quilt.  It is going to her son and his wife and even though the fabric was all floral it does not look like a feminine quilt.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of the border before it was picked up but you can see it from the back as well as a good look at my ‘Dusty Miller’ feather.

I know these quilts take a lot of work – stabilizing each border and block, but I do enjoy working on them and the final results.


One thought on “Ramblin’ Rose Meets Jamestown quilt

  1. Just visited your blog and want to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your photos and quilting. Beautiful!! I just got my new HQ Avante set up last week and am loving it. I just finished my first quilt. Had a few oopsies, but its a learning curve, right? So glad to see that you are a resource for the Superior threads too 🙂 They are hard to find here in Alberta.

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