Trapunto pansies

I short time ago I joined a sub-group of my Quilting Guild called Fibre Speak.  These are fibre artist expanding their knowledge, learning, sharing and just having fun.  I’m pretty much a traditional quilter and don’t go outside my comfort zone all that often or very far when I do!  I figured it would do me good to try new things.

The first meeting I attended was a hands-on class of applying acrylic paint to a quilted piece of fabric by dry-rolling it on.  The group had watched an instructional video from two English ladies that showed how to make wall-hangings and pillows this way.  I really didn’t understand so I chickened out and didn’t bring anything and just decided to watch.  It was a real eye opener!

They had all made a small, 15- 18″ square quilted project either on dark cotton or Dupioni Silk.  An area was quilted in either a fruit or flower and the rest was background filled.  This feature quilting was then blocked off with freezer paper or protected in some way so the acrylic paint would not be applied there.  It was amazing to see the transformation of the quilting when the paint was applied.  They used a dense foam roller with a minimal amount of white acrylic paint worked well into the roller and when it was almost ‘dry’ they lightly rolled it across the fabric.  The quilting jumped out at you!

I couldn’t stay for the entire meeting and had to leave.  The group brought their work to the Guild meeting that evening and I couldn’t believe the finished works of art they had created!  After the paint was rolled on they removed the protective freezer paper and using more paint they coloured the feature quilting they had done.  

I thought about this for a looonng time and decided that I could step away from by box long enough to try this.  What a blast!  Mind you – it would have been more fun to do it with the group but still fun to try by myself.  It’s almost like I can’t stretch my creativity because I don’t even know I’m in a box.  Once someone says “hey – let’s try this” my mind starts to work overtime!   “OK – but what if we did this…or this…or this!”

I went through my stash and all I had was a piece of dark burgundy cotton.  I wanted to try some Trapunto as well because I noticed that the pieces that had a higher loft batting worked better.  Of course – the feature quilting I wanted to do was of pansies so I hunted on-line until I found a picture that would work well for Trapunto and stenciled it onto the fabric.  I used poly-batting for the Trapunto and bamboo batting behind it.  My traditional roots still poked through because I squared off the section behind the pansies and did a 60′ cross-hatch grid behind them and some mini fantasy feathers around that.  I used freezer paper to protect the Trapunto’d pansies and, after taking a deep breath, I dry-rolled the white acrylic paint onto the feathers.  Wow!  They looked like tooled leather!  I used water soluble pencil crayons to colour the pansies.  What fun!  I only wish now that I had taken pictures along the way but I had so much fun I’m going to make more and I’ll take step-by-step pictures then.

So – here it is – my Trapunto Pansies on Burgundy!  

Trapunto Pansies on Burgundy

Trapunto Pansies on Burgundy


3 thoughts on “Trapunto pansies

  1. This is really beautiful! I have the video in which those two English ladies (Linda and Ann Kellsal, I _think_) show this technique. I keep wanting to try it but haven’t had the time. Well worth finding the time!

    Nice job.

    🙂 Linda

  2. That looks pretty cool. I, too am hesitant to try something artsy but have been seeing lots of it on the net and at my local quilt shop. There is this art quilter, Michele Dobrin, who teaches art quilting at the lqs and I think that I should take one of her classes. I don’t know what I’m waiting for. I should just jump on the bandwagon with everyone else and get on with it. I like the way yours turned out. The textures must stand out even more in person. Keep up the art quilting and I think that you will enjoy it. It’s another one of those obsessive crafts. Maybe that’s why I’m hesitating.

  3. BCQuilter says:


    It looks great! You have been spreading your wings! As one of the guild members said in a recent workshop “Sometimes its just fun to try something new and different”.


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