Baby Honu quilt

I’ve just started another customer quilt.  She made the adorable Baby Honu quilt by Lisa Boyer.  Here’s a picture of my customers quilt.

Baby Honu quilt. Pattern by Lisa Boyer

Baby Honu quilt. Pattern by Lisa Boyer

Beautiful sea green batiks and the turtles are swimming on a very pale blue background.  We’ve chosen King Tut #971 White Linen for the pale blue background.  I really wanted the quilting to just compliment the quilt and not become a focal point so that was the best choice.  I’m doing what I call a water meander behind the turtles.  The Snail Trail blocks reminded the customer of waves so I’m doing a swirl into them up to the point.  All the green areas are done in King Tut #989 Malachite  and it is blending perfectly.  The outer border is 7″ wide and I’m doing a wavy seaweed pattern all around.  Once I’ve got a bit more quilting done I will post pictures.  The background water meander fill is allowing the loose parts of the turtle (feet, head and tail) to stand out and cast shadows – very nice!


One thought on “Baby Honu quilt

  1. Marguerite Keizer says:

    I am interested in having a quilt, machine quilted, I am totally new at this. The quilt is a queen size Magic Tile quilt, what would be the cost of having this machine quilted??


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