Online Quilting Classes and quilt show

Well, our quilt show weekend has finally arrived here in Powell River, BC.  Even though I’m not one of the ones that will be running the show I’ve volunteered to help with set-up and man the admissions table tomorrow and doing just that little bit is enough.  I know that the committee heads that put on a quilt show work like crazy and for little thanks so … “thanks”  for all the work you’ve done and will be doing this weekend 🙂  I’ll get some pictures of the show posted next week.

Here’s a picture of a quilt my friend and I put together this past weekend.  It is for another on-line quilting class that I’m taking.  This one is for custom quilting and besides getting the quilt ready, we’ve been doodling this week trying to come up with quilting design ideas.




It is a simple applique and in fact because I was so far behind in getting ready for the class the sailboats are just “Steam-a-Seam” d’ down.I wouldn’t have been this far along if it wasn’t for my girlfriend tracing out the sailboats, choosing the fabrics and cutting them out!  Thanks Kathryn 😉

Now that we’re going to be doodling on paper before we get to the top itself I’m going to try and find the time to actually sew them down.  I know lot’s of people do just use this product but I don’t trust that the pieces won’t lift.  That and the fact that my darling husband once, being the helpful soul that he is, took my wall-hangings down and washed them all in a fit of Spring Cleaning one year!  I’ll post my doodles once I have them organized.  I’m really looking forward to this class, lots of inspiration.  If you’ve ever thought about taking an online quilting class I heartily recommend them.  This will be the third once I’ve done and I find them very educational.  You are able to work at your own pace and there has always been lots of interaction by way of the discussion boards where everyone can post their progress and questions.  There are usually many more participants in an online class than a regular class held at a shop so there are many more ideas, problem solving and, best of all, more pictures of quilts to look at!


3 thoughts on “Online Quilting Classes and quilt show

  1. northernquilter says:

    Love the sailboats in your quilt! Great job!
    Enjoy the quilt show, hope it’s successful – wish I was close enough to attend, but I’m in Vancouver. I love quilt shows!

  2. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    Oh shawn – these boats look so bouncy, love them!
    Thanks for the appreciation on the show conveners- I’ve now finished TWO glasses of wine and plan to head to a nice deep bathtub to soak away the aches. Just have to write the final reports for committees- but that can wait until tommorrow!.
    Thanks so much for your help.

  3. I love your boats, Shawn… but then again what sailor wouldn’t *grin*

    The quilt show went rather well, I think.

    As Nina mentioned, the final report can wait for a day, and then its putting all the photos together on CD and a DVD. Hubby has offered to create a slide-show, so that should be cool.


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