Busy as a Beaver

I’m Canadian – I have to be busy as a beaver!

Last weekend I had a couple of my quilting buddies, Leslie and Ute,  visit for the weekend.  We were very productive in that I finished my Mystery Quilt top that I took at our local quilt shop, made a cute drawstring ‘bag in a bag’, my friend Ute quilted up a wall-hanging she brought with her; made another one and quilted it too!  Leslie quilted up a huge quilt she made for her queen size bed and it is probably the largest quilt on my machine so far.  It was about 110″ square I believe.  She also finished laying out a small wall hanging that she’s had sitting there for awhile – very asymmetrical with Asian fabrics and it looked great when she was done.  Being a rather evenly balanced, ‘don’t rock the boat’ symmetrical type of person I could never have manage to make something like that look so good!   We had an absolute blast for two days and then I took one day to recover!  It was just like a mini retreat 🙂

I really like the mystery quilt now that it is completed.  I haven’t made 1/2 square triangles or flying geese simply by cutting the triangles and squares and sewing them together in a long time!  Quick and easy shortcuts for me all the way.  Good practice though – sort of like doing the old “long devision” instead of using a calculator.  I did have some issues with stretched biases and the border may give me a little grief when I go to load it on the frame as it is a little bit full.  We shall see.  I don’t imagine I’m going to be able to quilt it up for awhile as I’m busy getting ready for our Guilds quilt show, a wall-hanging for the quilt shop and, if enough people have signed up I’ll be teaching the Double Irish Chain at the end of the month.  Here’s the Mystery Quilt.

O Sole Mio mystery quilt

mystery quilt

The colour isn’t showing the best in the picture- it is a lovely chocolate brown and a medium and light turquoise.  Still not too sure exactly how I’m going to quilt it.  Leslie and I played around with the glass overlay and dry erase pen trying out a few.  I used up a fair amount of starch on these pieces!  The overall size is 42″ x 59″

I did manage to find my double strength starch though.  Not in time for this quilt but I’m sure I’ll be doing biases again!  None of the large grocery stores carry it nor WallMart.  I popped into a small grocery store called Mitchell Bros., they’ve been around for many, many years and sure enough they had it.  

I’ll be busy working on a small wall hanging I designed in EQ6 to put up at the quilt store.  I say I designed it but let’s be honest – it’s just two very common blocks put together to make a Spring table topper.  Once I’ve got it completed I’ll post pictures of it.

I also managed to pick up another customer quilt and just finished it today.  A very pretty quilt that I did Dawn Ramirez’s ‘Wonky Feathers’, or as I call them Fantasy Feathers, and it turned out very nice.  Once my customer has come to pick it up and I have permission I’ll post those pictures too.

Aaannnnd – I’ve also had two machine knitting lessons since we last talked.  Geesh – it’s no wonder I’m tuckered out!


One thought on “Busy as a Beaver

  1. BCQuilter says:

    I’m exhausted just reading your activity! WOW!

    Your mystery quilt looks great… do we get to see it at the next Guild meeting? Huh… huh?

    Tops can be shown too.

    Your weekend with your buddies sounds divine!

    I’ll be waiting to see the photos of the other projects you mentioned.


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