PACH Quilt

I’ve finished (all but the label) the second quilt for the paramedics.  Instead of HUG quilt I came up with PACH quilt – PAramedics Care and Help.  That’s the best name I could come up with!

This one is a simple Disappearing Nine Patch made from my stash.  This quilt was a perfect example of what happens when you rush into something without taking the time to think just a little bit!  I pulled the multi-colour sewing print for the focus fabric, dark green and beige/gold and without checking to see how much there was I happily started cutting and sewing it together. Half way through I realized I didn’t have enough of the beige/gold.  No problem, I’ll mix in another beige and it will still work.  Cut that ready and then realized that there wasn’t going to be enough of the multi-colour either.  Hunted through my stash and found one that ‘sorta’ went with the green and first beige but it didn’t really go with the second beige.  Geesh.  I finally came up with two more fabrics that would work but they would definitely not be my first choice if I had taken the time to check first.

The second focus fabric I used was a dark pink with a small pansy print.  I wanted to do a simple overall E2E quilting design so I spent some time on the white board and came up with a meandering pansy design.  I’ve put the directions up on-line at Baileys Quilting , just look for the link to “Pansy Quilting Design” if you want to see them.  It is based on the style of Dawn Ramirez, the Pajama Quilter, and is quick, fun and easy to do whether you sit-down machine quilt or use a frame.  


Disappearing Nine Patch - PACH quilt

Disappearing Nine Patch - PACH quilt

Quilts always look different in a photo!  What looks red in the multi-colour patches is actually a dark burgundy and matched the pansies in the pink print.











Pansy Close-up 1

Pansy Close-up 1

I used Bottom Line in the bottom and King Tut #991 Sahara Shadows in the top.  That colour is probably the most versatile colour that Superior Threads makes!  It blends in with almost everything, including fabrics you wouldn’t think to try.







Pansy close-up 2

Pansy close-up 2












Here’s the final doodle drawing I did when planning the quilting design.  The step-by-step directions are at Baileys Quilting.  If you try the design I’d love to see pictures!


Pansy Quilt Design

Pansy Quilt Design


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