Watercolor wall-hanging

I’ve always wanted to make a watercolor something or other and had even picked up a kit when I was at Quilt Market last year.  The quilting group that meets at our local quilt/yarn shop decided they wanted to make one as well so they planned last Tuesday would be the day.  I guess I was the only one that had a kit and the rest of them arranged to bring their stash fabric and cut their own squares.  I didn’t realize and just brought my kit and so managed to put one together fairly quickly.  I did feel sorry for them as they spent a great deal of time cutting a bunch of 2″ squares!  I finished sewing the grid

Poinsettia Banner, watercolor kit from Whims

Poinsettia Banner, watercolor kit from Whims

 together Tuesday afternoon.  This kit from Whims  is called Poinsettia Banner and comes with beautiful poinsettia fabric to applique on.  I didn’t really want another Christmas wall hanging and because these always turn out so pretty I decided to put some shadow applique on instead.  I don’t know if that is what it is called but all I wanted was black applique work so that I could use it year round if I wanted to.

So – off the Google I went and started looking for applique patterns for butteflies and birds and generally just some ideas.  I ended up finding a bunch from the free coloring book sites believe it or not!  This Free Kids Coloring site has some great ones to use.

I finally decided on a couple of humming birds and the outline of a cat.  Probably not my own as I’m sure I’ve seen similar somewhere! I did use batting, machine appliqued the pieces down and that is the only quilting on the piece. The binding and sleeve are on and I just have to find the right spot on the wall for it.  Mind you , it doesn’t look too bad as a table runner either!  

My version - "A cat's eye view"

My version - "A cat's eye view"

This has been the only sewing I’ve managed to get  done all week.  I have spent most of it planning out the Double Irish Chain class I’ll be teaching the end of March.  My poor quilting machine is sitting idle as well.  I’ve got to get back into the swing of things here!


One thought on “Watercolor wall-hanging

  1. Timberlane Quilters' Guild says:

    Hi Shawn,
    there’s nothing more boring than trying to cut enough 2 inch squares, or trade enough squares to add variety. but it can be fun to find enough 2 inch strips or fat quarters on shop hops to play with. A kit is a good idea , and didn’t people in that sewing circle get the headsup to precut their squares? What were they expecting?Some quilters, just keep a shoebox specially for these watercolor type fabrics and continually add to it.
    I like your project much better as a year round project.

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