Win a free cone of King Tut quilting thread!

Win a free cone of King Tut premium quality quilting thread!  



Win a free cone of King Tut premium quality quilting thread!


Michele over at the Quilting Gallery invited me to be a Guest Blogger and it was great to share a little bit of my quilting history with everyone.  As a thank you to everyone I’m offering a free cone of King Tut premium quilting thread to one lucky reader that leaves a comment telling us which one of the delicious colours of King Tut thread she (or he) is planning on using for their next quilt. 

If you’ve never had the opportunity to use King Tut before now is the perfect chance!  Check out all the colours at Baileys Quilting HeadQuarters and then come back and let us know which one you want.  Maybe even tell us a little bit about the quilt you’re working on 😉

I will make a random drawing on Feb 18th, 2009, at 9 p.m. P.S.T. and will announce the winner here.  Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Win a free cone of King Tut quilting thread!

  1. Hi -I just quilted a large tote for my daughter-in-law using a pattern called “Grids and Grommets” I thread painted it using King Tut #994, Karnak.
    I LOVE this thread!!
    For my next project, I think I will use #912.
    I sure hope I win.

  2. KING TUT #932 CAIRO!

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby this August and we don’t know what we are having yet… this variegated thread would be perfect for the unisex quilt I’m designing for the baby! :o)

  3. Hi!
    I love your website and what a great idea to give away thread! Who can’t use more thread? I am working on a bowtie quilt for my stepdad and think it would look great quilted in #919 Freedom.
    Thanks! Good Luck All!

  4. I just love these threads. My favourite is 951 or is it 983 . Oh I can’t decide. Actually it is 951, I love blue too much. Just found your site from Quilting Gallery and it’s great to find another supplier in Canada.

  5. Peg says:

    #921 Cleopatra looks like it would be perfect for the Annivesary quilt – thanks for the opportunity – if I don’t win, may have to order it!!!

  6. BCQuilter says:

    Hi Shawn!

    Congrats on being featured on Quilting Gallery. I enjoyed reading about you, and getting to know a little more about you.

    I have a quilt that has been waiting to be quilted. It doesn’t have a name at the moment, but it is an interlocking block, something like chain links interlocking, or open squares interlocking.

    I think I have been avoiding it, yes, I’ve said it, because I want the quilting I do, to do the quilt justice, but I am not confident in my skills enough to start. The other reason for avoiding it (wow, the more I say it, the easier it is), is trying to find a thread that would match it.

    The easy route, or would that be the safe route, would be to go with #920 – Sands of Time. The “Berry” #948-950, series also seem to go. And then there is #938 and #939.

    Which one, which one. Okay, I am choosing #939.

    Thank you for this opportunity.


  7. Shelley C says:

    I would choose Oasis. I use up so much green thread! Green is obviously my favorite color when it comes to fabrics and paints. My next project where I’ll need all that green is a diamond quilt I’d like to do for my bedroom (queen size) I want to use all shades of green and throw in a few purples here and there…some of the diamonds I want to piece as opposed to solid green pieces…
    I’ve not had the opportunity to use King Tut but would like to. I hear good things about it.

  8. Loved your guest blogger entry. Isnt Superior Thread the greatest?

    I would hope to win Malachite or St. George. Either would be helpful for an art quilt I am working on about Southern Utah. All the right colors!

    Ive been following your blog for some time now and enjoy it.


  9. Alabaster is the color I would like. It is so hard to find a light color to quilt a baby or child’s quilt with pastels or lots of white in it without using a true white, which I don’t always care to use. Thank you for the drawing and I really was glad I found your blog at the Quilting Gallery. I enjoyed the video you did on continuous binding. It really does help. Terry

  10. I love the King Tut thread – my favorite is KING TUT #920 SANDS OF TIME. Don’t you just love the fun names of the King Tut thread – very clever!!!

    I am busy with charity quilts right now and am doing several quilts for the Quilts of Valor Project using a friendship star pattern in patriotic colors/prints. My 80-year old mom is also making quilts for this project and she and I plan to meet this summer (I am in NJ and she lives in NC) and we will deliver our donations together to a local quilt shop. I am so blessed that my mom (who taught me how to sew and later, to quilt) is still a very active person – quilting is a love that we share together and have great fun with!

  11. Michelle says:

    I would use the beautiful EgyptRose to complete the incredible round robin I did with my quilt guild last year. It is a red, tan and black beauty that has my name written all over it!

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