Hug Quilts

I have had a special project in mind for some time now.  My husband is a paramedic and I always thought it would be nice if they had a small ‘hug’ quilt to give out to young patients that may be a bit frightened or maybe even some of the senior patients would take comfort in a small quilt.  I finally did something about it this weekend and put together a small flannel quilt fit for a young girl.  All that’s left is to sew down the binding and print a label.  I really don’t know if this will work or not – typically paramedics are in a bit of a rush when they have a patient but he said that he thought it was a good idea and they’d give it a try.  Here’s my first Hug – about 45″ x 56″


First Hug quilt

First Hug quilt

I did what I call a ‘daisy chain’ meander quilting


Daisy Chain meander quilting

Daisy Chain meander quilting

Here’s the back – the colour is a bit off so that the quilting would show


Daisy Chain meander - back

Daisy Chain meander - back

and a close up of the quilting


Daisy Chain meander - close-up

Daisy Chain meander - close-up

So – I’ll need to put together a few more before I take them to the station.  I don’t really have anything ‘boyish’ so I’ll have to start checking out the sales!

Piccadilly square has been put on hold this weekend but I should be back to it this week.  I am also going to be meeting up with a lady that does machine knitting.  I’m really looking forward to it as I have had a knitting machine for almost 20 years and have never made anything with it.  Pretty sad.


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