Piccadilly Square blocks

Well I’ve got a start on the Piccadilly Square quilt.  I think I’ll call this one “quilting is hypnotic”!  When I was choosing the fabric for the stars they all seemed to match really well with the stripe when the fabric was on the bolt.  Now that they are cut into the stars the stripe seems pretty bold.  We’ll just have to see how it goes.  A fellow quilter stopped by to try out my quilting machine and she said that the stripe squares weren’t too bright at all.


Piccadilly Square block1

Piccadilly Square block1

Here are a few more blocks on the design wall.


Piccadilly Square block 2

Piccadilly Square block 2

I think I’ll have to make a few more to decide.  Perhaps with some careful planning on the quilting side of things will tone down the stripe squares.  

I hate to harp in it but if it wasn’t for the heavy dose of starch on those stripe squares there is no way they would have matched up as well as they did.  A friend has given me directions to make my own starch and once I’m out of the Double Starch I’m going to try it.

I’m really taking my time with this – pressing well as I go, making sure the points are ‘spot on’.  I’ve made so many quick, fast and easy quilts lately this is making a nice change!


2 thoughts on “Piccadilly Square blocks

  1. nina M says:

    Hi Shawn,I would like to see some chocolate brown stars in there , more of the earthy greens and some orangy reds.I would like to see a few more stars on the design wall before you take down the light pink and light blue stars , but presently they don’t feel like they belong with the rest.
    I do LOVE stripes and now I want to go and fondle my large collection of stripes and dots.

  2. Nina, I think you are right. I do have the earthy greens and orangey reds yet to make up. I don’t have a chocolate (well, in fabric anyways) but that is something that I will look at too. The stars are done in cool and warm colours but that pink and blue is just too far at the end of the spectrum but, maybe when they are all done they’ll fit. Thanks for the advice – it’s always welcome 🙂

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