June Taylor Ruler for fast cutting

How did we ever manage before these great inventions?

June Taylor 1/4 cut ruler

June Taylor 1/4 cut ruler


 I managed to cut all of the small pieces today in just a couple of hours and then had time  to finish 2 borders on a customer quilt that still needed quilting.  All I have left now to cut are the border strips and the triangle pieces for the squares . These are going to take some time.  I was supposed to use template plastic and cut a 6 5/8″ square and then cut that in half for the triangle and use that to cut 228 triangles.  I’ve tried using template plastic before and I didn’t like it because you couldn’t use it to cut with and it’s just too much work to trace and then cut.  

So I made a 6 5/8″ square out of paper and cut that in half.  I then taped it to one of my square rulers and I now have the exact size needed to cut out the triangles using my regular ruler!


Make a triangle template

Make a triangle template

I unfold the fabric and cut the along one of the stripes just far enough for 4 triangles.  I then lay the long edge of the triangle along a stripe and cut the two short sides.  I cut four triangles along a stripe this way and they become one set.  These triangles are sewn together to form squares and setting triangles (see previous post for pictures).  Move the triangle to another colour of stripe and cut four more and so on and so on until you have 57 sets of 4 identical triangles.  As I said, these will take some time!  Because these will have 2 bias edges I’m soaking them well with ‘double starch’ and pressing them as I cut them and hopefully shouldn’t have too much trouble.  Speaking of ‘double starch’, I am not able to find any here in my small town.  I’m not sure if they even make it anymore.  It sure is a help when working with bias.

Tomorrow is sewing the binding on the customer quilt and then she can come pick it up.  Once I have her permission I’ll post pictures of it.  It has been quite a learning experience that I’d like to share!


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