Must be time for a new project

The last of the binding is almost sewn down on the wonky log cabin, now called “Log Cabin – no permits required” (thanks Alice :))  For some reason I decided that I wanted a piped binding.  Not the small 1/8″ binding that some put on before the binding but the old bedspread type of thick cording that went around the edge.  I couldn’t find anything on-line about how to do it.  I really didn’t want to re-invent the wheel so I took it to our local shop and Jeanette helped me figure out how to attach it.  The largest cording I could get was 1/4″ so it isn’t as thick as I wanted it but it still looks good, sorta like a really stuffed binding!  I’m going to put together another video on how I made this because I really couldn’t find anything anywhere unless I was going to buy a subscription, dvd or book!

I’ve decided to start a project that has been on the back burner for about a year.  I’ve done so many ‘quicky’ type quilts that I really wanted to make something a little more intense.  This is intense for me – cutting is not my favourite pastime and this one calls for just under 2000 pieces in various sizes!  I’m a glutton!

Here’s the picture of the quilt from BHG Quilts and More Spring 2006 called Piccadilly Square designed by Mabeth Oxenreider.  I was really drawn to the pattern and the use of stripes. 


Piccadilly Square quilt

Piccadilly Square quilt

Here’s the layout…


Piccadilly Square block layout

Piccadilly Square block layout

 I wasn’t able to get the same fabrics seeing as I was late deciding I was going to make this.  I needed 28 different fabrics – I’m sooo glad I had a few friends with me to help pick them out!


Piccadilly Square fabric choices

Piccadilly Square fabric choices

It should be fun!


One thought on “Must be time for a new project

  1. Peg says:

    Wow- you are a glutton for punishment. I just did one that requires 14 fabrics and found that daunting enough!! It’ll be beautiful when done – looking forward to seeing it. Peg

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