Wonky Log Cabin

Well, I attended my first workshop put on by the Timberlane Quilters Guild  and had a great time.  They are really a great bunch of people and welcomed me with open arms.  The class was on a scrap busting method to get rid of all those strips of fabric you’ve got saved called “Wonky Log Cabin”.  There are a number of different ways to make these on-line but this method was by far the most relaxed!  No measuring allowed, you can only use your scissors not your rotary cutter AND you don’t need your 1/4″ foot.  These blocks make up extremely fast and use up a lot of strips.  Of course – this will only use up your scraps if you promise yourself that you will throw away all the little end pieces that you end up with 😉  I’m glad that they ran the workshop.  I hadn’t seen one of these close up before and once I had I decided I really like them.  Mine is going to be pure scrappy – just use the fabric as it comes out of the bag.

You start with 2 strips of fabric, doesn’t matter if they are the same size an is better I think if they aren’t the same size.  If you’re going to make a pure scrappy then just pull the strips from the pile and go for it!  You could separate the strips into light and dark if you wanted and alternate the rows or work from light to dark or dark to light.

Anyway – sew the 2 strips together.  Using your scissors sub-cut them into however many pieces you want and don’t worry about making each piece the same size – better if they aren’t.  Press each piece open.  Grab another strip and sew the double pieces to the strip, cut apart with scissors and press open. 

From this point your sewing around the block like you would a log cabin, sort of!  The thing to remember is that the last strip you sewed on will be at the top when you sew the grouping onto the next strip.  That way the strips will go around the two center pieces.

You keep doing this until the block is a little larger that the size you want or you run out of strips 🙂  Take a square ruler and place it on the block and give it a little twist to offset the ‘logs’ – or make it ‘wonky’.  

That’s all there is to it.  They make really interesting quilts.  Of course, I started out at the workshop just going to do wall hanging but now I’ve decided to make another queen size spread for the spare bedroom.  Having a quilting machine means my quilts keep getting bigger!  I’ll post some pictures of the progress tomorrow.  

The Irish Chain is bound and waiting for me to hand stitch it down.  The quilt store here has a drop in that I’ll be taking it to tomorrow so I should get a fair bit done on it.


2 thoughts on “Wonky Log Cabin

  1. carrie says:

    What a great look, thanks for the “method” rundown. Maybe if you are really determined to burn up more scrap strips, a piano-key border may work for you?

  2. Leslie says:

    Awesome job on the video, seeing that has inspired me to try and do the Wonky Log Cabin. Keep up the good work.
    Will be looking for more!

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