Irish Chain is done!

Woohoo!  LOL

I took it off the frame this morning.  I’m pretty pleased with it all in all.  It took 8-10 hours total but then I only quilt for an hour or so and then take a break.  The quilt is so large I Double Irish Chaindon’t really have a place to lay it out properly.  Sure hope my client likes it 🙂  On the first picture I have it laid out on the living room floor.  Unfortunately, it makes the quilt a little out of focus.



Here my valiant husband is trying to hold it up.  He’s done a great job and you can see the quilting a bit better.  He say’s I have to start making smaller quilts.  Hah!

Double Irish Chain

Double Irish Chain

Close up of centers

Close up of centers

I do like the look of the less formal feathers.  These are all done by chalking the sections and then hand-guiding the feathers.  Each center is just a bit different that the one next to it but they all look like they belong.


So now it’s off to make the binding and sew it down.  I will be sewing it to the front and hand stitching it down in the back.  A long job but I enjoy it.  Now I have to decide on my next project!


2 thoughts on “Irish Chain is done!

  1. BCQuilter says:

    You have done well on this quilt. Isn’t that Press’n seal, great! Not so great to quilt over… as I found out, but still great to audition different quilt motifs.


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