Mystery Quilt complete

What fun!  I’d never done anything like this before but it was well worth it.  I started fairly early in the morning pressing everything and loading the quilt.  By the time I was done the instructions for quilting were posted.  They came on video’s so we were able to watch as she laid out the quilting sections.  We were shown a different way of doing feathers and you can see in my quilt that I could do with more ppp (practice, practice, practice) but in the quilting business that goes without saying:)  It’s all finished but for hand sewing down the binding.  I would have had it completed in one day but after starting the feathers in a star block I decided to change the thread to a darker one so that the quilting would stand out.  My back let me know that it didn’t appreciate my being bent over the frame that long ripping out 1/2 a star block so I left it and finished it this morning.  

It is all complete but hand sewing down the binding.  It is about 54″ square.
The quilting designs are quite basic but still look good.  The background fillers are just a simple zig-zag line and winding ribbon.

Time to tidy up the studio again and get ready to quilt the Irish Chain.  That one will take me a couple days to complete I’m sure!

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