Mystery Quilt 2009

I’ve got the top all done! It is a pretty basic pattern because the focus is going to be on the machine quilting that we do tomorrow. Here are the fabric choices I made. Being a mystery we were only told the different values and amount that we needed. I joined the group the day before it started so I just used what fabric I had in my stash. I wouldn’t necessarily choose these fabrics to go together normally but for this fun, learning quilt they will work just fine.

I took a number of breaks during the day including one to finish quilting the charity quilt  that was already on the frame so I didn’t finish up the top until around 3:30 this afternoon. Only a couple of mistakes, including putting the setting corners onto all the flying geese instead just half of them like the directions said to. My only excuse is my sons gave me all (all) the Beatles CD’s for Christmas and I had them cranked up and was probably just having a little too much fun be-bopping along 🙂 
Anyways , I did get it done and here it is. Lots and lots of open spaces to to some fancy quilting in!


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