What a year!

It has been so long since I’ve caught up with my blog I can’t believe it. We’ve been extremely busy moving into our house and doing all the reno’s. My sweetheart of a husband started work on my quilting studio the first day taking down a wall to expand the room enough for the quilting frame to be set up. To make a very hectic, busy and exhausting story short we’re all moved in, reno’s are 90% done, I absolutely love my new quilting studio and house. Yep – in that order – a quilters gotta have her priorities!

I did finish the Irish chain before we started the reno’s. It’s all ready for quilting but I’m going to be doing a number of charity quilts to get back into the swing of things. I’m on my second on now – wow, it was almost like starting over but I’m kind of back into it already. I’ll post some pictures of the Irish Chain before and after quilting as well as my studio.

I’ve started an on-line mystery quilt today. It’s made for stand-up machine quilters. We received the piecing instructions this morning and I’ve just finished cutting. Today we piece and load the quilt on the frame and tomorrow – New Year’s day – we quilt! There’s on-line videos that we’ll be receiving an lots of instructional stuff. It’s put on by LongArm University www.LongarmUniversity.com and so far it’s been pretty fun. Never done anything like this before but I figured it would be a good way to get back into free-hand quilting and learn some techniques.

So – I’ll end the year quilting and start off the new year quilting – what more could one ask for!


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