Life is what happens

Isn’t that what they say?  Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans?  Something like that anyways.

I was so looking forward to our local Blackberry Festival – a week long celebration of this tasty little berry – and  planned out a few things to go see.  A quick trip to the island on Thursday, back on Friday no problem.  Wednesday morning we got the call we had been waiting on for many months.  My in-laws were accepted into an extended care facility and we finally had the date – August 22.  Wow – we really had to move fast.  Our trip lasted a few days longer while we started to sort through their apartment.  Over 60 years together and almost nothing thrown away.  My mother in-law had even kept a receipt for a dress she had bought in 1994!  So far the oldest we’ve found is the paperwork for a house sale in 1973.  We’re back over next weekend to help settle them in to their new home and sort some more, and probably back a few times over the next month to clean out the apartment.  I can only imagine how hard it is on them to have to part with so many treasures.  They spent 16 years in Inuvik back in the 60’s and have many, many wonderful carvings and artifacts made for them by their native friends.  Amazing.  Although a little apprehensive they are both looking forward to the move which is good.
I have been updating my store as well so I’ve been kept pretty busy with things other than quilting.  I am going to set aside a couple hours today to sew just to get life back into perspective!

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