Thanks for the welcome :)

Hi Alice and Nina, thank you for your welcome to Powell River 🙂

We are settling in quite nicely – and looking forward to the upcoming blackberry festival, at least I am! My sewing room is set up but the HQ16, table and frame are not. Once we have some of the reno’s done on the new (to us) home we’ll be setting up the whole system but that probably won’t be until late fall.

Anyone interested in learning more about the HQ16 are welcome to email me at and I’d be happy to answer what questions I can. It’s a great machine even though I’ve nick-named him Harry due to the many harried moments on the learning curve!


One thought on “Thanks for the welcome :)

  1. bcquilter says:

    I’m not sure if you know about the Arts Alive in the Park this weekend (Aug 16-17). We’ll be down there with a guild booth/tent.

    Blackberry festival, is a fun time… it is amazing how many people will fit on Marine Ave. And lots of yummy foods.

    Not sure if Nina mentioned to you, but the Guild now has a Blog as well, and we have your blog link there.

    Hope to meet you soon!


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