We’ve moved

After almost 12 years of living in the bustling, hectic, crazy busy lower mainland of BC we had the chance to move to to a much smaller town and we jumped at the chance. It’s been in the works for a couple of months and now we’re here in beautiful Powell River and loving the much slower pace, gorgeous scenery and friendly people. We’ve bought a house and will have possession of it in a few weeks so although my sewing room is up my quilting machine is not and won’t be until renovations are done to build the quilting studio in our new home. We’re renting a home on the beach for the summer and even though I do have some work I must (bad word) get busy doing learning to relax, walk on the beach and enjoy the sunsets has been our priority!

sunsetq sunset2 these are taken right from our front yard – that’s Vancouver Island in the distance.

More quilty things to come. I have been feeling the urge to quilt these past few days and I want to share something called ‘Kilometer Krazy’ or ‘Mile o’ Minute’ for those of us State side. It’s a way to reduce your scraps – honest!!


3 thoughts on “We’ve moved

  1. bcquilter says:

    Hello and welcome to Powell River.

    I found your blog via Quilting Bloggers, and was taken aback when I read you moved to PR.

    Hope you are settling in nicely!


  2. Timberlane Quilters\' Guild says:

    Hi, Glad you’ve got a blog as I will add it to our guild blog roll( well that’s if Alice helps me*hint*)
    I’m new to blogging – so of course I volunteer to do the guild’s blog. rightttt-just jump in without looking*grin*

    I am unhappy with my machine quilting arrangement at the moment and have a friend who has just bought the HQ16 model in a table. I am waiting to hear how she likes it as she quilts much in the same manner as I do.I would like to see your machine and talk to you about service and purchase as the Canadian retailers for this company are sparse.Can I assume that you might have had it shipped from the USA?


  3. Living in Powell River says:

    Our sentiments exactly – I’ve just had two of the best years of my life here in Powell River. I hope things go well for you here.


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