What I’ve been up to

As you can see I’m a bit behind in my posting 🙂 I’ve been kept rather busy over the last few months though. My machine quilting is coming along nicely and I even give lessons and rent out time on the machine. I have almost as much fun watching others quilting up a storm and seeing their “wow – I did that” look on their face when they take their quilts of the frame 🙂

Our guild also had their quilt show the first part of May and I had a few entries to put in. We always have a challenge and this years was the best in my opinion. They gathered up paint chip samples from the paint store and divided them into groups of three – primary, black-white, monochromatic etc. and put them into envelopes. Anyone that was interested in doing the challenge picked an envelope and then had to make a quilt, maximum 100″ total circumference, using only those 3 colours. You could add embellishments of any colour but the fabric could only be of those three colours. Quite a challenge. My envelope contained the three primaries – red, yellow and blue. As usual, I first went way overboard. “What is primary” I asked myself. Hmmm – basic, something that can’t be broken down any further…ahaa! DNA. What could be more primary than DNA? I googled like crazy and started designing a wall hanging of DNA. I must be getting better because it only took a couple of weeks before I realized that was just silly – I’d never get anything like that done in time and what the heck would I do with something like that when I was done, it wouldn’t exactly fit into my decor! I settled on the colour wheel. I’ve never done any thread painting before so I tried my hand with that and added the secondary colours as embellishment. A little machine embroidery and I was done in a matter of a couple days. A couple weeks before the project was due I might add 🙂 Pretty basic but it works.
quilt show challenge
Click on the link if you’d like to check out the Langley Quilter’s Guild and you can also see an album of the quilts put together by the presidents husband (thanks once again Dave) that were displayed at the show. The beginning of the album shows some of the challenges that were done – absolutely amazing. Maybe I should have tried for the DNA thing!


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