1..2..3.. JUMP!

Well, I took a deep breath and (after some more practice muslins and a few charity quilts) a loaded up the 4Q Round Robin and went to town. I’ve discovered that I”m not too fond of pantographs. I really enjoy free-hand work. It let’s me be more creative. Of course it also lets me make a lot of mistakes too 🙂 I wanted feathers and pebbles and line dancing and all of the nifty things I’d been reading about and seeing on the different forums. 

I had started taking my own advice, namely accepting that it’s not going to look like I’ve been machine quilting for 20 years. And you know – I’m darn proud of the finished product mistakes and all. I feel more relaxed now about machine quilting.


Here is the finished quilt. Thank you Leslie, Lynda and Linda for such a beautiful quilt top. This will always hang in a prominent spot in my home. Every time I look at it I am reminded that we should not let our fears or insecurities get in the way.
4Q Round Robin

My first attempts at line dancing
4QRR block 1 4QRR block 2



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